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For 60 minutes, Colin will share knowledge and experience through his insights and discoveries gained after 20 years of entrepreneurship, 200 interviews, and 10 years of writing Start. Scale. Exit. Repeat.

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What makes a Startup successful?

Colin C. Campbell reveals the formula for startup success, emphasizing the importance of solving a scalable problem, building a defensible moat, purposeful direction, and surrounding yourself with top-tier mentors and networks.


Catching the AI Wave

Colin C. Campbell shares lessons from his book to help entrepreneurs navigate the AI revolution, highlighting strategic approaches for growth and success in this transformative era.


Scaling in Zeros

Colin reveals how the right mix of story, people, money, and systems can exponentially increase your company's revenue and profit. Learn the strategies that enable a select few to achieve monumental growth.

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Finding your X factor

Discover your business's unique advantage and how it can set you apart from competitors, solve industry bottlenecks, and catapult your business to the forefront of your market.


Start. Scale. Take Some Money off the Table. Repeat.

Colin's guide to the entrepreneur's journey of exiting a business the right way, recognizing the optimal timing, leveraging the right people and capital, and replicating your success with proven systems.

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#1 Amazon Bestseller Start. Scale. Exit. Repeat.

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